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In a few simple words, an Inventory management software is a tool which helps business enterprises to manage their stock. It is a one-stop solution, which addresses all your enterprises' needs for recording and managing the inventory database. The primary goal of any inventory software is to efficiently manage a stock before it gets sold. It doesn’t matter what type of business enterprise you are running, whether it is a manufacturing industry, a trading firm or a retail store, a well managed inventory database is must. It helps in taking quick sales/purchase decisions and framing new business strategies. Using an inventory software, you can be assured that all product/item in your stock is well managed, and you would be having detailed information about each of them. There would be no chance of overstock and out-of-stock situation, which could harm your business enterprises’ profit reports. It saves your time and money as well.

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  • Create Company
  • Add Category
  • Create Product
  • Create Vendor
  • Create Customer
  • Purchase Order
  • Product Sale
  • Daily Expenses
  • Purchase Return
  • Sale Return
  • All Purchase Bill
  • All Purchase Products
  • All Sales Bill
  • All Sold Products
  • Daily Expenses Voucher
  • Available Stock
  • Daily Transaction
  • Cash Book
  • Journal Book
  • Profit & Loss
  • Customer A/c
  • Company Info
  • Manage Profile
  • Change Password
  • BackUp & Restore
  • Role System

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