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Know details about Online Exam System

In a few simple words, an Online Examination System which aims at helping students and educational institutes transcend geographical boundaries and time constraints in the task of constant evaluation of student performance. This testing center provides extensive tools to administer, monitor and grade exams online. This online examination system helps to conduct any sort of exams with multiple options, we can conduct high complex exams and middle level exams and entry level exams to test the skill of students, professionals.

System has three Modules :-

1. Super Admin :- It is a user who have complete write to access and modify the data..admin will have a special privileged. there are some key point as pr admin

2. Admin :- It is a user who have partially right to access the data. Super Admin will give the privilege to the admin for regarding jobs .

3. Student :- It is a user who have perform the operation of exixting system.like doing the exam , results , reports & profile etc.

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  • Grant Student
  • Course Creation
  • Subject Creation In Courses
  • Test Creation
  • Objective Question Pattern will use In Test Creation
  • Set the Time Limit for the Test Paper
  • Set the Passing Marks
  • Set the no of question include for the Corresponding Test Paper
  • Set The Test Expiry Date
  • Review The Test Paper With Answer Sheet.
  • Assign Test Paper to Course
  • Create Question Library
  • Upload Question Library Via Excel
  • Upload Student Data Via Excel
  • Create User
  • Provide Privileged to User
  • Super Admin give permission for view the student record
  • Super Admin give permission for Edit the student record. etc
  • How many Student Pass in following subject
  • How many Student Give Correct Answer for particular questions.
  • How much time student take to attempt a question
  • Register In Courses
  • Authorized By login Credential
  • Attempt Test
  • View Performance Report Card
  • View Answer Sheet After Test Completion

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